I am excited to announce that I will be joining the amazing team at LeanKit!

Saying Goodbye

appendTo Challenge Coins

When I joined appendTo over four years ago, there were just a handful of employees from all over the country. During my time at appendTo I had the privilege of working with inspiring and talented people, in many different roles, on a massive assortment of both client and internal projects. The company experienced growth while still holding fast to its core principles of Work Anywhere, Work/Life Balance, and Passion for the Craft. I made many lasting friendships and even more lasting memories. When the time came today to say goodbye for the last time and sign out of Slack, it was with very mixed emotions. I’ll never forget the impact appendTo had on my life and my family, or the many special memories made while working there!

New Beginnings

LeanKit Website

With such a great past few years as the foundation, the future is looking even brighter. I am very excited to to be joining LeanKit later this month (after a short vacation!). I can’t wait to jump in with the team there to make an already great product even better. I’ll get to do what I love most – solve problems and build solutions for the web. During the week of devLink I got a little peek into life at LeanKit by hanging out with the crew. If that week was any indication, I am in for a lot of fun! At LeanKit I’ll get to work with Jim Cowart and Alex Robson again (also appendTo Alumni), and hopefully see some of my Nashville friends more when I am in town for work. In case you were wondering, I’ll still be working remotely from rural Iowa!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cards to move…